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What is Domestic Violence?

About Domestic Violence

Information about Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence: Finding Safety and Support

    A comprehensive guide for both survivors and helpers with up-to-date information about the problem of adult domestic violence, safety planning, and getting help from domestic violence services, the police, and the courts.

  • A Power and Control (Wheel)

    A visual aid describing the different tactics of coercion and violence that batterers use to control their partners. Created by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Duluth, MN.

    The Power and Control Wheel was developed by battered women in Duluth, Minnesota, who had been abused by their male partners and were attending women’s educational groups sponsored by the women’s shelter. This wheel is meant specifically to illustrate men’s abusive behaviors toward women.

  • Domestic Abuse - Coercive Controlling Violence
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