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Domestic Violence Annual Report 2011


Public Education and Awareness

The NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence conducts public education and outreach to increase understanding of domestic violence by the general public and specific audiences and, ultimately, change the social norms and behaviors that allow domestic violence to continue. Here are some ways in which OPDV and its partner agencies raised awareness in 2011:

“Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” by Turning NYS Purple

The fourth year of this public awareness initiative was the most inclusive, and drew more attention than ever to the problem of domestic violence in all of our communities.  Purple is the color used to spread awareness of domestic violence. To raise awareness around the state, the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV) had the honor and privilege of partnering with more than 425 different entities across New York State, including non-profit service providers, private businesses, universities, chambers of commerce, government agencies, and law enforcement agencies. From giant purple billboards in Times Square, to wearing purple, lighting buildings and bridges purple, a purple parade, putting signs in storefronts or hosting a purple scavenger hunt – the participants all joined with domestic violence survivors and elected officials to “show their purple” during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

For more information visit the OPDV public awareness website.

OPDV e-Bulletin

OPDV published four issues of its e-Bulletin covering substantive topics such as Domestic Violence and Housing, Tax Issues, Domestic Violence Cases Connected with the Military, the Domestic Incident Report Repository, Intimate Partner Violence and Sleep Disturbances, the NYS Elder Abuse Prevalence Study, Reproductive Coercion, and Domestic Violence as a Human Rights Violation.  The Bulletin also highlights local and State government programs that deserve statewide recognition. Nearly 2,000 individuals receive the e-Bulletin, and it has been used in trainings across the state.

For more information visit the OPDV public awareness website.

For the Media

OPDV participated in many press events in 2011, often in partnership with other agencies.  When the newly-enacted strangulation law showed instant dramatic results, the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) published a research brief and collaborated with OPDV on a press release and media availability. When DCJS announced the 2010 Intimate Partner Homicide report, OPDV participated in a press release and media availability which also announced the 2010 Domestic Violence Dashboard Project and the 2010 NYS Domestic Violence Annual Report. OPDV and DCJS also joined to announce the Municipal Police Training Council’s new domestic violence training and the creation and launch of the Domestic Incident Repository.

OPDV collaborated with the City of Schenectady to announce that they were the second municipality in the State to adopt a domestic violence in the workplace policy. And OPDV joined with the Manhattan Borough President’s office to kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the “Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” initiative at a press event as Times Square was illuminated in purple.

OPDV launched “Respect Love, Love Respect,” a website and Facebook page designed to educate teens and young adults about dating abuse at a press conference, accompanied by local advocates and young people wearing T-shirts displaying the new logo.

A press release was also issued by the governor to announce the new law banning the sale of firearms to persons convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence offenses. 

For more information see press releases.

OPDV Websites

The total number of OPDV website pages viewed in 2011 was 332,106.1

The website is OPDV’s primary means for disseminating information to many people - professionals and victims, systems and constituents. The homepage is regularly updated, frequently featuring web-banners that proclaim awareness events including Stalking Awareness Month, Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Week, Crime Victims Rights Week, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Major content additions to the website in 2011 include a new section, “Enhancing Victim Advocacy in the Courts,” the Model Domestic Incident Policy for Law Enforcement, additions to the “Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” campaign section, including a webinar that provided ideas for how to participate, and an expansion of the Expanded Access to NYS Family Courts section. The website was utilized to disseminate the following reports: New York State Domestic Violence Dashboard Project – 2010 Data, the Domestic Violence Annual Report 2010, and Expanded Access to Family Court in New York State: A Report on the First Three Years of Implementation of Chapter 326. The website is regularly updated with new, topical information.

For more information visit the OPDV website

OPDV also launched Respect Love, an entirely new website with corresponding Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to teen dating violence and dating abuse. The name, “Respect Love, Love Respect,” was submitted as a slogan contest entry and the site itself was designed largely with input from teens and young people.

The website has interactive features like a healthy relationships quiz and stories written by young people about their experiences with dating abuse.  In addition, OPDV partnered with Liz Claiborne, Inc. on an essay contest to launch the site.

For more information visit the Respect Love website

  1. The method of recording data has been greatly improved, providing a much more realistic view of activity on the website. The number of hits recorded in the old system may have shown much higher numbers than what would be generated by actual users viewing html pages.
Social Media

OPDV’s Facebook page features regular posts, which also appear on a Twitter feed, covering awareness activities, topics in the news, grant opportunities, suggestions for how people can get involved, links to resources and links to the OPDV website. By the end of the year, there were nearly 1,700 fans of the page.

OPDV’s page on Facebook is:

OPDV’s Twitter is:

OPDV’s “Respect Love, Love Respect” Facebook page had 263 fans by the end of the year, after launching in late October.

The “Respect Love, Love Respect” page on Facebook is:

The Twitter is: