Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence Annual Report 2011


Appointed Council-Member Activities

Many nonprofits and DA’s offices do tireless work across the state; their voices and work are represented by the nine (9) appointed members of the Council, and some of their contributions are outlined below.

New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NYSCADV)
  • NYS Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances Program (DELTA) is a collaboration between NYSCADV, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) thirteen state domestic violence coalitions throughout the country and over fifty local domestic violence programs. Local DELTA Projects continued their focus on prevention strategies with youth, men and boys, faith-based communities, and workplace settings as well as traditionally marginalized groups like LGBTQ youth.  NYSCADV and local DELTA partners are engaging in community based evaluation of their prevention strategies and expect to publish evidence of effective preventive strategies in 2012.
  • Participated in “Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” campaign engaging domestic violence advocates around the state to commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
  • NYSCADV participated in the re-launch of the Regional Multicultural Advisory Committee to promote domestic violence sensitivity with regard to language, access, and cultural competency.
  • NYSCADV Training Team completed two offerings of the “Foundations” training.  This five-day training is a broad exploration of the historical context and social justice scaffolding that informs the work of NYSCADV and provides a basis for novice advocates. 
  • The Domestic Violence Prevention enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances Programs (DELTA)  provided numerous trainings, coaching’s and key-note presentations in NYS, including:
    • A ten-session evaluation Webinar series presented by the DELTA Project Empowerment Evaluator, Marguerite Grabarek.
    • Training for business and county leaders on their role and responsibility in creating environments that are equitable, respectful and committed to DELTA’s prevention work. (Rockland Family Shelter & Key Bank)
    • Domestic Violence and the Workplace training initiatives. (Tioga County & Warren and Washington County)

For more information visit the NYSCADV website.

Saratoga County Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services (DVRC)
  • Emergency Shelter – Provided 2,021 bed nights of emergency shelter for a total of 76 women and children.
  • Supportive Housing – Provided 40 women and children with safe housing in independent apartments through our New View housing programs (a total of 10,492 bed nights of housing).
  • Hotline Crisis Response – Responded to 1,890 hotline calls.
  • Supportive Victim-Assistance Services – Provided in-person support services to 700 persons through direct counseling, legal, shelter and economic stability services.
  • Legal Advocacy – Provided legal advocacy to 136 persons, including assistance with 116 petitions for orders of protection, temporary custody or temporary support and legal clinics to provide pro bono legal services to 53 abuse survivors.
  •  Employment Assistance - Assisted 31 unemployed women to find jobs and another 9 with career advancements that increased household financial independence
  • Housing Assistance – Helped 48 families to exit abuse and start over in violence-free home.
  • Economic Empowerment – Provided Project Hope and Power, our 8-week financial literacy program to 61 women.
  • Financial Assistance – Provided over $7,000 in emergency financial assistance.
  • Rape Crisis Services – Provided advocacy and follow-up services to 26 sexual assault victim accessing forensic examinations, as well as counseling and support services to assist 78 primary and secondary victims of sexual assault.
  • Launched an innovative community mobilization program to address create environmental change to reduce relationship violence.
  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention – Provided prevention education programs to 2,310 youth.

For more information visit the DVRC website

Saratoga County District Attorney
  • Vigorously prosecuted more than 1,100 domestic violence cases including violations, misdemeanor and felony crimes.
  • Continued to work closely with victims through the DA Crime Victim Unit to help connect them to local domestic violence outreach programs.
  • Trained roughly 250 state and municipal officers within the county regarding prevention of domestic violence and instituted “best practices” protocols regarding what to do when they encounter domestic violence as well as the importance of the Domestic Incident Report as a preventative tool.
  • The DA’s office spoke to more than 10,000 students at high schools and middle school within the county educating the county’s youth on dating violence, how to recognize its tell-tale signs, and how to identify and seek assistance from those who can help.

For more information visit the Saratoga County DA’s website

Sanctuary for Families (NYC)


  • Crisis shelter to 72 mothers and their 159 children.
  • Transitional shelter to 155 mothers and their 219 children.
  • Crisis intervention: safety planning, legal screening and advice and referrals for 5,000 victims.
  • Legal representation, advocacy and advice to over 6,000 clients.
  • Individual counseling, support groups and psychiatric services for more than 750 adults and more than 450 children/teens.
  • Educational advocacy, tutoring, childcare, recreational activities and other services for 2,500 children.
  • Job training to 70 clients.
  • Job placement assistance, housing and public benefits assistance, personal finance education, economic advocacy and referrals for 600 clients.
  • Conducted professional trainings reaching thousands of judges, district attorney’s, police, social service workers, pro bono lawyers, immigrant service providers and many others.

For more information visit the Sanctuary for Families website