Publications & Public Education Materials

OPDV publications and public education materials are available as single copies that can be downloaded and reproduced or ordered in bulk quantities.

Download materials

Brochures/Booklets, Information Guides, Reports, and Posters, as well as the the Public Education Materials Order Form are available in PDF (Portable Document Format). Adobe® Acrobat®Reader™ lets you view and print PDF files and can be downloaded free from the Adobe Acrobat site. Some material is also available in text version. Material may be downloaded and reproduced.

Order Materials — Brochures/Booklets, Posters and Other Resources

  1. Review/reference the List of Materials to see publications available and quantities for ordering
  2. Complete the Public Education Materials Order Form 1
  3. E-mail the completed order form to

Please note: Orders by Fax or phone are not accepted.

  • Materials are free of charge
  • Out-of-state customers please download material. Material is New York State specific.
  • Repeat requests for any item from any organization within one six month period may be restricted.


  • Materials are shipped via UPS. Please make sure all address information is complete including floor or room numbers. No P. O. boxes.
  • Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery