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Radio Spot Script, English: “Father and Son”

"Coaching Boys Into Men”

Radio Spot - Script - English

As Recorded Text – “Father and Son” :50/10


As a dad, you’ll probably spend years teaching your son how to hit a baseball. How to throw a tight spiral and hit a receiver.  How to spring off a diving board and hit the water.  How to hit a one-wood and a nine-iron.  How to hit the bull’s-eye.  How to hit the strike zone.  Hit a jump shot.  Hit the open man.  Hit the hockey net.  And maybe the most challenging of all, how to hit the books.  But the question is this, how much time will you spend teaching him what not to hit? Teach your son early and often that all violence against women is wrong. For tips on what to say, visit Or call the State’s 24-hour hotline at 1-800-942-6906.

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