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Domestic Violence Palm Card

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The following text is the content contained in the palm card that provides information about domestic violence services to all applicants and recipients of temporary assistance.

Front of palm card

This information is available to all applicants for welfare. It is intended to help you determine if you are a victim of domestic violence and to consider ways to make yourself and your family safe and self-supporting.

Are you in danger of your partner or ex-partner doing any of the following:

Back of palm card

Services: You can call a 24-hour domestic violence hotline for information about emergency shelter, support groups, counseling and your legal rights.

In New York City call: 1-800-621-HOPE (1-800-621-4673)

All others call: 1-800-942-6906

Spanish speaking callers call: 1-800-942-6908

Welfare: You must meet certain requirements to be eligible for welfare. If you think that you are a victim of domestic violence and that meeting one or more of the requirements may place you or your children at greater risk of harm or make it more difficult to escape from abuse, you may request a temporary delay of those requirements.

ldss-4583A (Rev 3/98)