Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

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Enhancing Victim Advocacy in the Courts

Video Presentations

Click on the links below to view these presentations. Handouts – powerpoint presentations and supplementary materials – are also included.

Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Substance Abuse

(1 hour, 35 minutes)

Sue Parry, Ph.D., of OPDV, discusses the origin of common mental health and substance abuse effects of abuse and strategies for advocating for victims around such issues.

Acknowledging the Power: The Interdisciplinary Collaboration of Attorneys and Social Workers/Advocates in Domestic Violence Cases

(I hour, 25 minutes)

Claire McCue, LCSW and Alicia Simpson, Esq., of Staten Island Legal Services, talk about how interdisciplinary practice can mean better representation for domestic violence victims, and discuss issues that arise when lawyers and social workers work together.

Domestic Violence Advocacy in Court

(49 minutes)

Rebecca Thomforde Hauser, of CCI, talks about Domestic Violence and Integrated Domestic Violence Courts, and the roles of system-based and community advocates. She gives concrete strategies for educating and empowering victims, and an update on recent legal developments in New York State.