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Abusive Partners

Common Questions That We Hope to Answer

Several questions are posed when discussing abusive partner intervention programs. Below we have a list of some of these questions this document will attempt to answer as best as possible.

  1. What is accountability? Why is it important in abusive partner intervention programs?
  2. What is a coordinated community response? How should various organizations and abusive partner intervention programs interact with one another?
  3. Should programs be screening for substance abuse, mental illness or alcohol abuse? If a co-occurring problem is identified, how should a program address it?
  4. Are anger management and couples counseling appropriate components of an abusive partner intervention program?
  5. How should a program and its facilitators interact with the participants?
  6. How should they interact with victims/survivors?
  7. Should programs accept mandatory and voluntary participants? What are the risk and benefits to accepting voluntary participants?
  8. How long should a program be and why?
  9. What kind of experience/professional history should facilitators of abusive partner intervention programs have?
  10. Why is it necessary for programs to report to a referral source in cases of mandated participation?
  11. Is it appropriate for abusive partner intervention programs and domestic violence agencies to access the same funding streams, grants, etc.?
  12. How can success be measured?


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