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Explore the intersections of Domestic Violence and Traumatic Brain Injury in our Traumatic Brain Injury and Domestic  Violence Webinar  by Margo B. Singer MPA, CBIS. Brain Injury Association of  New York State.

Safe Homes of Orange County, Unity House of Troy receive $400,000 to reduce intimate partner homicides

OPDV has announced that two community-based organizations serving domestic violence victims will each receive a $200,000 state grant so they can partner with law enforcement in an effort to reduce intimate partner homicides in their communities. The two-year grants were awarded to Safe Homes of Orange County and Unity House of Troy.

The state will invest a total of $400,000 over two years in the initiative, known as the Risk Reduction Enhanced Response pilot program. Both grants require a 20 percent match from the service providers.

Under the program, Safe Homes and Unity House, in partnership with law enforcement in their respective communities, will use an evidence-based assessment tool to identify intimate partner abuse cases deemed to be at high risk for lethal violence at the earliest point possible. Service providers and law enforcement will work together to improve the community’s response to those high-risk cases, with the goal of increasing victim safety, ensuring services for victims are comprehensive and accessible, and enhancing monitoring and enforcement to better hold offenders accountable for their behavior.

Announcing a new publication! Domestic Violence and Strangulation: A Guide for Victims and Professionals pdf HTML (web page), provides information about the signs and symptoms of strangulation, and provides recommendations and resources for victims and professionals.

Summer 2016 OPDV Bulletin

The Summer 2016 OPDV Bulletin covers topics including "Domestic Violence and the Workplace: A Handbook for Employers,” The Ursula Forem Domestic Violence Program Employment Fellowship, The New York State Domestic Incident Report, Domestic Violence Initiative for Faith Communities and more.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace: A Handbook for Employers provides information to employers about the impact domestic violence can have in the workplace, and offers guidance and resources on how to best address the concern. 

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