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Domestic Violence Entrepreneurship Program



The goal of the Verizon Wireless Domestic Violence Entrepreneurship Program is to provide funding to entrepreneurs who have escaped the cycle of domestic violence and are ready to put their skills to work to get a home or small business up and running. There is a strong likelihood that many domestic violence survivors (former victims who have achieved safety) are particularly well-positioned to benefit from self-sufficiency programs that focus on entrepreneurship models over traditional job-training options. Domestic violence survivors have developed strong coping and problem-solving skills, many were employed prior to the violence, and all have a strong incentive to be self-sufficient and violence-free. The successful development of a home or small business can bring women increased control over their working lives, create important financial and social opportunities for them, and help ensure the survivor’s long-term safety and stability.

The Verizon Wireless Domestic Violence Entrepreneurship Program seeks to help survivors build on the skills they’ve developed to successfully get a home or small business off the ground. For example, funding can be used to make a down payment on a work space, purchase computer or other office equipment, purchase initial product inventory, or as collateral to support the receipt of a small business loan, or to help pay the costs of attending an entrepreneurship program or business course.

Grants can range from $1,000 to $5,000 per applicant. An applicant may receive only one grant; not all applicants will be chosen. A total of $45,000 may be awarded. The grants must be used for legitimate business purposes only, and businesses must comply with all applicable laws.

Applicants will need to submit: a business proposal and a letter from a domestic violence program or advocate attesting to the individual’s participation in domestic violence services.

Please try to include all information requested directly on the application. Please limit attachments, in addition to the application, to two (the business proposal and the letter of support from the domestic violence advocate or program). Clearly label all documents with your name. Only complete applications will be considered.

All submissions must include the following:

  1. Application
  2. Business plan
  3. Letter of support from a domestic violence program

Email completed applications to Please indicate your name in the Subject Line of the e-mail using the following format: DVE — Your Name. (Applications can be submitted by individuals or by a domestic violence agency or program on behalf of an individual. Either way, Verizon Wireless will use reasonable efforts to keep the applicant’s identity anonymous. Upon award of a grant, Verizon Wireless may contact the successful applicant/grantee regarding possible public relations opportunities. Verizon Wireless retains the right to provide aggregate information on this program to third parties.)

Completed applications may also be mailed to the address below or faxed to 585-321-7002.

John O’Malley

Domestic Violence Entrepreneurship Program

133 Calkins Road

Rochester, NY 14623

To apply, please provide the following information:

Name of Applicant (full name or first name only):

Name of Sponsoring Domestic Violence Organization or Program:

Address (can be applicant or sponsoring organization contact):



Sponsoring Organization Website:

Email Address (can be applicant or sponsoring organization contact):

Contact Name and Phone Number (can be applicant or sponsoring organization contact):

If you are selected to receive funding, to whom should the check be made out? Where should it be sent?

If we were to follow up in six months to one year to gauge the results of this funding, who would we contact – the individual or a contact at the organization?

Project Summary: Please provide a brief summary of the project (50 words or less)

Business Proposal:
Please attach a business proposal for the project that could be funded by this grant. The proposal should include: a description of the business concept, the financial requirements (start-up capital required and how it will be used), current business market situation (what is the need for this type of business?), and a plan to promote your business. Include any previous experience or skills you have that would be relevant to the project.
Letter of Support:

The letter of support from the applicant’s domestic violence program should simply confirm that the applicant has participated in domestic violence services. For additional information, please call 585-321-7264.